Most of the people that will come across this blog will probably be familiar with my root beer brown 180sx… 2010 has been a different year. Most of my time has been taken up studying for my state board exam.

I was lucky enough to land a job at a home health agency, being in school with no cheddah was the worst.

For 2010 I had no plans on touching the car. After taking that huge hit from last season I couldn’t bare putting my efforts and every last penny to get it running.

The Midwest had their own all star bash. A big reason i didnt fight to get the car out was scheduling between Midwest asb and Cali asb ended up being a week apart. So that pretty much guaranteed none of the homies from the west coast wouldn’t come… It’s NOT an all star bash if none of OG guys come, in my opinion it shouldn’t have even been called Midwest asb. Anyways…

Staying away from car life freed up a lot of time. One thing I’ve consistanty enjoyed doing is riding bicyclces. I bit the bullet and sold my specialized hardrock pro and bought a Masi Special Fixed, talk all the smack u want, fixed gears are fun as fuk to ride. I also got a better consistant cardio work out over my mountain bike. These ended up being so fun I bought a a PK Ripper

Well that’s just a quick sum up of things goin on.

Looking forward to riding critial mass tomorrow


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