Test fitted all the piping, front mount, radiator, hoses and made an intake for the turbo with some extra cupplers I had sitting around. I was concerned with how the hot pipe would match up to my power enterprise turbo but thankfully it matched up fine. Don’t mind the orange couplers, PBM should be sending out some black ones.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Rob says:

    mid mount is awesome

    I did a gay understeer off course and if I had had a fmic I would not have been able to get home. Instead it was just a minor deal

  2. beto says:

    loving the ic set up,so simple and clean.as far as i know,the ket also works on ka-t’s.

    • REVGASM says:

      yeah, i’ve seen a few KA-T set ups that look very very similar to SR’s. Not only is the front mount hidden but like rob said, it will most likely save your ass if you fly off the track or smash in to hay bails etc.

      • beto says:

        Well the s13 Sr and Ka intake manifolds look pretty similar as far as positioning so that’s what I’m aiming for.and your right on saving your ass of you hit something…even accidental like a curb from barking to close to it.

  3. om1kron says:

    The swirl tank is legit Josh, I’m actually going to buy a pbm radiator and have extra fittings welded onto it so I can run an lines from the radiator and block itself so no hose taping bullshit.

    It lets the head relieve pressure by getting that pesky air out of your cooling system. even if you fill everything right the cavitation from the water pump itself during high speeds can cause bubbles in the cooling system which the swirl tank removes. Water flowing like butter.

    Going mid mount myself, I bet max still wont have black couplers they disappear as soon as they’re on deck lol.

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