Going Backwards

The motor and wirig harness are in the car, starting connecting all the connectors and magically there are 2 that don’t go to anything.

The first picture is a connector that’s from the engine harness

The second picture is a connector from the block. Can anyone decipher these?


3 thoughts on “Going Backwards

  1. om1kron says:

    1st one is an SR TPS sensor plug.
    2nd one is the oem water temp sub harness. (2 wire goes to ecu, 1 wire goes to gauge cluster)

    if running an after market temp sensor to view your temps the single wire on the sub harness is not necessary.

  2. REVGASM says:

    ok, figured out the problem. I forgot which sensor it was but long story short it was incorrectly plugged. Everything looks fine, finishing up a few more things with the wiring this weeked. Hope to try and start it Sunday.

    Thanks for the input om1kron

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