In My Hands……….

I had a set of SS sexy style aero in the past but i tossed it to a homie since i knew he could truely pull it off. Unfortunately he parted with the car and the aero went with the chassis.  This car was a kouki wing away from being PERFECT and i still hate that you sold it PHIL!!!

After going thru my set of mash up aero parts and a hook up on BN last season i finally got my hands back on the Sexyness.

Totally exhausted from multiple nights in the garage wrenching and diagnosing i said fuck this shit. I need to know if this car will please my eyes. Heres a sample of whats going on.


23 thoughts on “In My Hands……….

  1. dasis300 says:

    oh my, please pull thru. i need to see that kit pulled off correctly

    good luck in your future adventures!

  2. kurato says:

    go josh!go josh!

  3. sosideways says:

    Looks good man!

    You still running 215/45/17s up front?

  4. toan says:

    wish i had cooler wheels to pull off my ss. anxious to see your car all together.

  5. REVGASM says:

    haha, dont be…i dont want to disappoint.

  6. Jay says:

    I saw this at the TF BBQ parked in the back. Me and my boys were like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmn! This shit was on fire. For some reason im remembering different wheels on it though. When you left it was all swoosh swooosh swoosh

  7. Tomy says:

    Dumbass those were the D Squad cars recognize!

  8. Battle of the sexy. Did ya’ll use the HOK colour on Phil’s rendition?

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