After all these years I finally got around to buying a drift rc car. I picked up a Tamiya TT01-D.

NOS energy drink held chicagos first rc drift event. I didn’t plan on competing since I’ve only owned my car for a month. Everyone signed up so i said fuck it… I’m not sure how they judged, i also questioned on there clipping point positioning. Long story short i happily placed 3rd.

This will be a fun way to get thru winter this year.


3 thoughts on “

  1. royboysays says:

    kool deal man i started out with a tt01 also. curious if you could post up more pics of the track you guys run on? Are you guys running on carpet?

    • REVGASM says:

      no carpet. Polished concrete. Thankfully we’re kool with the owners of a gymnastic/cheer leading facility.

      Our last course lay out was like Sekia Hills Japan

      i’ll be making a few blog posts on the rc car. got some new stuff i’m putting together

  2. royboysays says:

    awesome cant wait to see the updates from that.

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