Every now and then i run into pictures of peoples cars with the RD x ASB sticker on their car. It brings back memories of how incredible that adventure was. And even tho my car didnt make it, it was still the best experience of my life.

Driving with people you’ve only talked to on the internet and in places you’re not familiar with is an incredible thing to do, if you ever have the chance to, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you read my blog, do me a huge favor. If you purchased an RD x ASB sticker or know someone that did, email me a picture of it on your car, wall, refrigerator or where ever you stuck it on! ! !


8 thoughts on “RD x ASB

  1. Eric says:

    i ordered one of those stickers..

    and never got it =(

  2. Forte EXE says:

    Didnt have your email but here’s mine. On my old accord a
    year ago. Right on top of the OG illest and canibeat stickers.

  3. Eric (a different one than the other one) says:

    where can i get one if i can even get one? id love to rock
    it, ive been following your blog for a whiles hah

  4. alex says:

    oh yeah my 240.

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