Grocery Shopping

So I’ve never really done grocery shopping of my own, I’ve been living off fast food since high school. Literally 2-3 times a day.

I haven’t been hardcore on the diet, just controlling my portions. I’m not really counting calories but I choose low cal foods.

Here’s pretty much what I’ve been eating for the last 1.5 months.


9 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping

  1. Jesse says:

    String cheese ftw, You also might want to add fruit and yogurt, good low calorie snacks.

  2. shayan says:

    in all honesty, josh, this looks like a bunch of snacks and no real food

    • REVGASM says:

      Yea kinda. Add roast beef, chicken, turkey and pb&j haha… I just dont have time to make a legit meal. I figure this is better than fast food 3 times a day

      • shayan says:

        yeah man i feel you, cooking takes way more time than most think, when i make breakfast it takes like 45 minutes to make and 10 minutes to eat

  3. Jigar says:

    i see you gots a man sponge in there! good job keep clean brah!

  4. Jigar says:

    thats smart..good thinkin mang

  5. serg says:

    pick up a suplement called “vega” you can make shakes with it and it literally will give you every nutrient you need. mix in some fruits and its really good. clif bars, vega and fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts/seeds garuentee you youlle fell great.

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