Day Dreaming

All I want is an S15


If anyone knows how to get one into the U.S. or knows one for sale that’s not a million bux please let me know.


9 thoughts on “Day Dreaming

  1. nb8ct says:

    Just get a 15 dash and put in your 180, when your driving its all the same. Having driven both I liked the 180 better. Oh, get a S15 rear subframe and then it’s really all the same. Save money, buy tires

  2. Freddy says:

    silentdancer’s is for sale; idk if its sold yet:

  3. Me too man, me too… ugh.

  4. Ruiz says:

    I wish people didn’t want, like, 4x the amount of what an S15 is worth
    I really like S15s too.

  5. Evan S. says:

    i know a shop local to me in NJ that imports cars. He gets them registered and everything for you too.

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