I started january 14, 2011 i was around the 200lbs area.

Last time I updated was in the summer at 163lbs. Up at 175, probably can’t say it’s all from muscle.

I think I’ll start up the insanity cardio again. This getting fit stuff is hard, especially when I do it solo, continuing to learn a lot about my body.

Any tips on how to get shredded?



5 thoughts on “175lbs

  1. Jason says:

    if you wanna get super cut to were you can see every single muscle. your going to have to diet and do more cardio.

  2. Jesse says:

    yep, the rest of the shredding will be in the kitchen.

  3. Anthony says:

    chicken, brown rice and flax oil for healthy fats were my staples EVERDAY, no cheating on a cut. sub in tuna, fish, oatmeal, egg whites ect. eat 400 calories under maintinance and stay strict. fat falls off. cardio speeds up the process. continue to lift heavy none of that high rep low weight bullshit.

  4. timmuh says:

    Cardio some in the morning.

    Eat more through out the day. Break down your 3 daily meals into 5 or 6.

    Cut out carbs after lunch.

    Lift like a mac after work.

    My favorite meal is always chicken breast and big side of boiled spinach with some sesame salad dressing and some tofu.

    Shit i just got hungry.

    Keep it fun.

    Don’t bother counting shit.

    • Om1kron says:

      ^^^^^ probably the dumbest advice posted so far…

      check out programs like starting strength, if you want to know how to eat right seek the help of an actual nutritionist who specializes in body builders so they can tailor something more towards your actual needs and goals.

      You eat too little and not the right proteins and fats you’ll just lose muscle mass and while you’ll still be skinny. You’ll still be wondering why you’re not increasing your lifting numbers. You’re already skinny so it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for your body, what you have good reactions to and what you have bad reactions to.

      Counting the calories is stupid, but using something like myfitnesspal.com or the phone app to log in your actual food isn’t stupid.

      It keeps you accountable and you can figure out how much proteins, fats, sodiums, carbs you’re getting. And what your goals should be for the day if you’re trying to get bigger/leaner rather than just cut weight. So that way you yourself can say maybe I’ll have a lighter snack like some almonds and plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese rather than that apple and a side of almond butter.

      Anyway this is just a serious response to your question, you probably are or aren’t serious Josh. Either way, like I said best advise is to speak to a nutritionist to find out whats right for you.

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