Made a quick stop at Barnes and Nobles. Happy to see Super Street Magazine barely peaking out with the 180sx on the top left corner

I didnt think I’d care for a feature, but after seeing the magazine in person i can honestly say I’m happy I did it

Thank you to Super Street, my crew, fam, friends and most importantly all people enjoying Car Life.







7 thoughts on “Mag’in

  1. Rell says:

    Congrats on the feature. definitely going to have to go and pick that up!

  2. MEGAS says:

    Nice buddy ole pal!

  3. max says:

    You deserve that, Josh! Good job!

  4. Rellz says:

    Downloaded the mag on my iPad and enjoyed reading up on your car. Seem like a cool chilled dude from how the guy praised you

  5. SuperDown says:

    Yeah dude we’re all happy you went thru with it your cars dope you guys gotta throw up some new vid this summer

  6. CountSwagula says:

    Haha the one time i look in the magazine section in a shoppers drug mart, i see your car featured on it. Best 8$ i ever spent. Cheers from Canada

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