I’ve been dreaming of a similar image since the mid 90’s.

There’s something to be said about a car that wears the infamous JUN auto mechanic logo on the vented hood. JUN auto mechanic is the first Japanese tuning brand that I sought after when I owned my DC2 Type R. After locating a JUN 3 head package for my B18C5, my car was stolen from right under me. That same head package found its way to a fellow friend, some of you may know him as Chob. 

Vtec tuning and the Type R brand was so pure and raw. I always feel so blessed to have experienced it….

A rememeberence piece of the past lies on my street car of today. 

Photo credit: Ginash/Jdmchicago 


One thought on “

  1. franklin says:

    This is perfection

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