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The coilovers settled much lower than anticipated making driving with canards difficult. It sure does look cool tho. 

For the few miles I’ve driven on the new suspension it’s hard to believe how great the ride quality is. I still need to finalize the height and alignment. 

Anyone have driving/performance feed back on Achilles 123 255/35/17? 


With the pressure of Final Bout and the need to participate with my team ProceeD, much of the assembly and set up was rushed to get the car driftable for the weekend. Now that it’s come and gone, I can take my time to set up the S14.

With years of support by STANCE performance suspension systems I’ve installed their XR1 coilover with upgraded valving and spring rates.
This time around I decided to NOT use the upgraded Camber/Caster plate, Roller Bearing spring seat or Swift springs. I’m very anxious to drive on these and see how they perform.

The S14 was assembled with grip and drift in mind, to be a well rounded performer. If needed I’ll upgrade the coilover components as I get more seat time. 


For those that who have asked. It is the same colour as my old 180sx with additional gold flake. The colour has really transformed and i owe a very big thank you to my friend Mikey Mccutheon that took the time to revive the exterior of my S14. Words cannot express how challenging of a job he took on from the bug, animal and fungus infested paint to my strict demands. He’s the best person to work, most importantly he spent the time to understand my vision for the car. Thanks for your incredible work ethic, I look forward to working with you again and again. 

Did a 5K… Typical nonsense provided via my best friends. 
Yes, they did a 5K in their costumes. 

Thank you STACK for the years of support! 

Never forget where it all began 

My heart Breaks for 180sx