Since the shake down I drove another event and the car blew the Headgasket. It was to be expected as the block surface is far from perfect. With Super D on the schedule me and my pal Aldo decided to throw in an OE Headgasket. Took the car to super D and it performed very well except for the alternator failing right before qualifying which ultimately ended my weekend. Got the car home and have been working on it slowly, replacing the alternator. One more event on the calander which is a decent travel up to Canada. Hopefully the Headgasket holds one more event before I pull the motor: 


Happy to report that the chassis’s first shake down was a great success.

It feels good to be in a low powered street car. 

Voltron Defender of The Universe:Lego

I just had to have it!!! I’m now a Lego VIP member too 🤓 

2,321 pieces of awesome 

Ever since I was 7 years old I wanted a stainless jeep from the Philippines. Little did I know people were rocking Wats and Long Champs

Club RPS 

A’PEXi titanium finisher 

First mod on the ZR2 😂