It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with smaller fender clearances. Got the car on the rack last night. We were only able to get the rear camber down to -2.5 with 235/40/18. Not ideal spec, got me wondering how I’ll clear 255/35/18 for next year.

It sure does feel good having all 4 corners aligned. 


Yet again, I was suckered into drifting the S14.

Impossible to catch 

Love these guys to death BOSSTOWN

Teioh with functional right height x BN sports and canards. The tire set up is so incredible. I can only imagine how perfect it would be with the tail finisher and Koguchi Power GT wing. 

The coilovers settled much lower than anticipated making driving with canards difficult. It sure does look cool tho. 

For the few miles I’ve driven on the new suspension it’s hard to believe how great the ride quality is. I still need to finalize the height and alignment. 

Anyone have driving/performance feed back on Achilles 123 255/35/17? 

With the pressure of Final Bout and the need to participate with my team ProceeD, much of the assembly and set up was rushed to get the car driftable for the weekend. Now that it’s come and gone, I can take my time to set up the S14.

With years of support by STANCE performance suspension systems I’ve installed their XR1 coilover with upgraded valving and spring rates.
This time around I decided to NOT use the upgraded Camber/Caster plate, Roller Bearing spring seat or Swift springs. I’m very anxious to drive on these and see how they perform.

The S14 was assembled with grip and drift in mind, to be a well rounded performer. If needed I’ll upgrade the coilover components as I get more seat time.