Here we Fucken go…


My good friend Melvin married the love of his life. Coincidentally they met at my wedding 3 years ago. They really surprised us, inviting us to an “Engagement Party” but in reality turned out to be their wedding. What a fantastic way to start off the Holidays. #shegoesdelro 

I’ve been consulting in Indiana quite a bit this winter, happy to see my friends from BREAKING. 

The ZR2 has 18,000 miles on it. I love this truck ! 

It’s supposed to be the off season by the temps keep creeping above freezing and the rain keeps washing the salt away.

I don’t care to win, I just want to mirror the front car the best I can. You don’t always need to be door to door to make a beautiful run. Simba always gives the best lead. 

Went to Canada to drift with a few pals at Gamebridge Go Karts. It’s about 10-11 hour drive from Chicago. The easiest way I can describe is, it’s a smaller scaled DEC Sekia hills. No it doesn’t have the Wild down hill entry but has a goofy radius left hander. Most importantly the last corner leading up to the front straight and corner entry to turn 1 is set up so nicely, wonderful track for tandem and aggressive entry. Needless to say, I’d go back.