In Oe fashion the Type R comes with 20″ wheels with 30 series side walls. Not exactly the safest set up for street/daily/road trip duties. The Type R got a set of 18×9.5j Titan Forged wheels. I was a skeptical about not going Japanese brand, happy to say the quality and tech look great. Probably one of the most affordable forged wheels on the market. For tires we went with Falken RT615K+ in 265/35/18

Had the pleasure of breaking in the motor on a 7 hour drive to USAIR and back. The anticipation was through the roof waiting for the cluster to click 1000 miles.

I cannot say enough about Honda’s new power plant and chassis, speechless really. Driving this car you lose all your ignorance towards FF platforms.

Yet again I find myself totally torn. I really love Honda.

My first pair of Adidas Super Stars /// showed up today. Excited about the Chalk White.

Final Bout Gallery already happened. My NORMAL engine still runs

July 1997 I was just a teenage kid infatuated with cars. I just returned from summer camp and my dad asked if I wanted to go to the Acura dealership to look at the NSX and Integra Type R. Of course I said YES!

Little did I know my dad already bought possibly the 1st Championship White Integra Type R in the state of Illinois. As I was sitting in the driver seat of the Red NSX I noticed the Integra Type R getting pulled out of the show room, i didn’t think much at the time.

My dad then tells me to come outside to the best surprise in the world. He officially took ownership of “our” dream car. Years later with many prayers, nagging and promises I was blessed to take ownership of the Type R.

Let’s fast forward to 22ish years later. Tonight I stand by my dad yet again as he takes ownership of another R. This time, a Championship White Civic Type R.

I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for allowing me to part of your Car Life. It’s the best thing a kid could ever experience.

Driving the car as much as possible to expose its weaknesses. It’s so nice to have a basic car.

My pal Mikey got me on the dyno last Sunday. Unfortunately the afrs were a bit off when adding boost. Either way I planned on stock power for the season. This Sunday will be the first and only shake down before Final Bout Gallery. I’m really hoping my Blitz Active clutch is up to the task

Well here we are 25 days until Final Bout Gallery. Engine spec is S15 SR20det, I have opted to use the 5 speed transmission. These motors are rated at 250hp in factory form. The only modifications are an aftermarket water neck adapter to support the SARD swirl tank and an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump.

We will do a few dyno runs to see how the factory ecu manages 93 octane.

It’s funny to see how much simpler the cars get over the years.

With the roads clearing up it’s hard not to drive this around. Motor swap will start in a few weeks, Final Bout Gallery is right around the corner.

Finally got around to picking up my motor for 2019 season.

Let’s Go!

Winter in full force, getting antsy for nice weather.

Keeping busy maintaining the ZR2 through our coke white salt roads.