With the roads clearing up it’s hard not to drive this around. Motor swap will start in a few weeks, Final Bout Gallery is right around the corner.


Finally got around to picking up my motor for 2019 season.

Let’s Go!

Winter in full force, getting antsy for nice weather.

Keeping busy maintaining the ZR2 through our coke white salt roads.

Here we Fucken go…

My good friend Melvin married the love of his life. Coincidentally they met at my wedding 3 years ago. They really surprised us, inviting us to an “Engagement Party” but in reality turned out to be their wedding. What a fantastic way to start off the Holidays. #shegoesdelro 

I’ve been consulting in Indiana quite a bit this winter, happy to see my friends from BREAKING. 

The ZR2 has 18,000 miles on it. I love this truck !